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Music Out Of Performance Pieces

Drowning Fish (Red Point 2008) – with & by Metalycée

Fizz (So What 2006) – with & by Marc Weiser

Kagero (So What 2006) – with & by Marc Weiser

On A String (So What 2006) – with & by Marc Weiser

Piano Piece (So What 2006) – with & by Marc Weiser

Strange Forest (Yuragi 2000) – with Noid / Cello & Electronic

Splash (Yuragi 2000) – with Noid

Double Space (Performance Series 2002) – with Noid


Black Bonsai

Shamisen by Akemi Takeya / Computer processing by Gordon Monahan / Idea & realization by Akemi Takeya & Gordon Monahan / Copyright 2010 Akemi Takeya & Gordon Monahan

01 White Dust
02 Indigo Velvet
03 Silver Tongue
04 Golden Moss
05 Gray Noise
06 Mustard Card
07 Black Bonsai
08 Yellow Opium


Black Bonsai


Black to Dream

This is set up as a concert & musical performance by Akemi – Voice / Piano / Performance and Frans –Guiter / Trampet / Performance. In the first half of the performance Akemi will sing songs with piano as a singer song writer, and then in the second half Frans will join her to turn to musical performance. They have both been established performance artists for many years now and have never considered themselves as ‘true’ musicians. But Akemi has always dreamt of being an existentialist jazz-singer in a smoky night-club while Frans dreamt to be the next Miles Davis on acid in a jam-session with Jimi Hendrix. And that’s where they met, in this dream; a mysterious, sophisticated, dark and at the same time playful dream. They saw themselves as being part of the birth of ‘cool’, they didn’t go for less. Now they are playing out this dream, impudently, because performance artists they are…

Frans Poelstra.- Performing Artist (Nl/A)

As a kid Frans Poelstra stared more into the waters of the canals in Amsterdam than being at school. He still hasn’t got a degree, but he kept his dreams. For him, performing is a matter of keeping channels open in order to think, to listen and to dream. As a performer he wants to dance through all possible virtual realities of thoughts and associations. Since 2003 he does this also in collaboration with performer/writer Robert Steijn, together they form united sorry. In their publicity they present themselves as a company who “brings semi-intellectual/semi-sentimental and rudimentary-conceptual events in the field of arts.”

Akemi Takeya – Performing Artist (A/J)

As a choreographer, performer she is between cultures – no longer attached to her Japanese roots, and not yet bound to Europe. She thinks rationally and lyrically, with head and body, eastern and western, in oppositions, combinations, entanglements, sounds, songs, spaces, movements, words. She has set up her own performance method, interweaving the strategies of formation of one’s own perception. As a writer she incorporates the thoughts from her journals, dreams, diaries and essays into her performance pieces, ultimately producing an unexpected and visceral fusion of sensory encounters. ➔ Akemi’s Voice Work / ➔ Akemi’s Songwriting


Shamisen / Traditional Japanese Music 1982 –

akemi kimonokimono 003kimono 004





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