31 Shots (2007-8)

2007-8. 31 shorts

“< You’re dead! > < Well! I’m dead … So what? > – the play does not expound but it runs off – and on” :

Mutual intervention is taken up as a kind of game with the thematic focus on the murderous chimera of “life and death”. The audience’s gaze is confronted with intimate stage action. The performer is confronted with different tasks: presenting the body as an object, guiding the performative body or showing it in its privacy to the audience.

31shots is comprised of the following elements, which will be transformed into an artwork reflecting murderous phantasmagoria:

“Enclose_Enter_Invade_Melt_Be Distorted_Curve_Be Broken_Vibrate_Move_Pass_Reflect_Hide_Wrap_Overlap_Deviate_
Take Off_Lose_GoOut_Be Transparent_ Partition_BeSplit_Fall into Pieces_Burst_Expand_Proliferate_ Continue_ Join Together_Tie Up_Become Entangled_Become Cubic_Imply”

Aesthetic multiplicity and heterogeneity regarding content mark the artistic opus of the Vienna-based Japanese choreographer Akemi Takeya. In her piece 31 shots – which is shown as a work in process – she investigates the reactions of human existence to physical, psychical and ecological delinquency and the possibilities of representing it in the context of performative action. Her pivotal point is the body in its function as a potential subject and object of violence. Apart from the dancers Akemi Takeya and Anna MacRae, the Viennese philosopher Karl Bruckschwaiger takes the role of the piece’s male guest performer.

” Avoiding methods of theatrical “interpretation”, performers explore each other’s curiosity about the function of criminality. Focusing specifically on murder and its accompanying phantasmagoria they apply their findings in a performance context dealing with “dead & alive”. Each performer has 3 functions; to represent the body as an object, to give the performing body an aim, and to reveal its private universe. We will begin by intervening with each other in a kind of “game”, presenting the “purely arbitrary act” that will confront the audience with an intimate performance. ” by a.t.



Concept & Artistic direction: Akemi Takeya
Performance & Choreography: Akemi Takeya, Anna MacRae
Guest performer: Karl Bruckschwaiger
Movement coaching & Choreographic assistant: Claudia Mader
Artistic supervisor: Oleg Soulimenko
Coaching: Janez Jansa
Lighting design: Bruno Pocheron
Set design: Wolfgang Ure
Production management: Barbara Langl
Production: IMEKA
Supported by: Choreografic Center Linz, PACT Zollverein, Szene Salzburg, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien
Sponsored by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture

Duration: 60min

Performance 2008:
TQW / factory season 2008_May 16th &
17th 2008 www.tqw.at
Artist in residence 2007/2008:
PACT Zollverein (D), szene salzburg (A),
Choreografic Center Linz (A)
Performance as work in progress:
PACT Zollverein_Sept. 7th 2007
Szene salzburg_Nov. 4th 2007



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