Feeler (2006)

2006. Feeler

“The canon of movements refers to ‘insectoid’ and ‘technoid’ association chains”:

A space consisting of three performative dimensions: the artist, the private person and the performer who sets out on an existentialist expedition to fathom the dualism of the void, chaos, silence and noise. Exposed to the limits of her own and alien perceptions and movements, a new space of being is created, redefining the significant connotations and remarkabilities of “absence and presence”.


With a plexi-glass pole balanced on my head, she transforms her body as a moving sculpture, simultaneously utilizing these “feelers” to invade the space, out of which, the sound artist takes over an important role in the creation of his own world.

“Completely empty space or absolute silence is not possible in our reality. There are always noises/frequencies and elemental particles in motion.” – these phenomena, recorded on three microphones and electronically processed live as “Feedback sound” by Heinz Ditsch, create an invisible, digital space with an architectural structure. This digital framework of geometric sounds or impressions made tangible through the Feeler, has a multi-faceted structure which dominates the room.

Space is provided for the exhibition of the body as installation. A white dance floor – 6m x 6m square (one end rolled up) – is laid at a slight diagonal. In the course of the scene it will be rolled out and extended in accordance with the choreography. A specific design of white lights is modulated from scene to scene by Bruno Pocheron, intensifying each performative act, an interplay between impression and expression, absence and appearance.

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Concept, Choreography & Performance: Akemi Takeya
Light design: Bruno Pocheron (F/D)
Lightadaption and –technique: Alexander Wanko (A)
Sound: Heinz Ditsch (A)
Movement coaching: Claudia Mader (D)
Production management & PR: Judith Fink (A)
Costume: IMEKA
Production: IMEKA 2006
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture, CCL choreographiccentrelinz
Length: 60 min
Premiere: December 2006, dietheater Künstlerhaus, ImPulsTanz 2007, Vienna (Austria)


Feeler Workshop with Akemi Takeya

_strengthen your “feelers”.
_activate a connection between breath, in the form of “embryonal breathing technique“ and atrophied perceptive faculties.
_sense an invisible inner energy “breath-body“.
_discover an interactive situation between oneself, space and sound, action and reaction.
_evoke one’s own essential body/mind, aiding imagination and expressiveness.
_deepen concentration and heighten stage presence.
_achieve a uniquely individual aesthetic.

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