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In Akemi Takeya’s large-scale overview exhibition in the Leopold Museum, she will be presenting a mini version of her personal Dada Manifesto, referring to the lemon-circle action “Your Fun” that is assigned to the centre of the chest. One question is central to this: How can an artistic movement such as Dadaism, born and shortly after buried between 1916 and 1920 and evolved from the negation between two world wars, be transferred to the 21st century? How is it possible today to engage in anti-war, anti-bourgeoisie, anti-art art – art that messed up the usual in order to make a world beyond imagination once again imaginable? Takeya tries to answer this question by entering into a session of questions and answers with the elements of her universe of lemons. Maybe the lemon knows? In any case, this way she creates an infinite number of possibilities of transformation, captured by the lemon helmet’s camera eye residing on her head. A quest for utopia, a ceremonial performance, an exploration between body and lemon – who the winner of the ludicrous fight “LEMO-DADA” will be is secondary: Nothing to lose! – by Jürgen Bauer

” I observe the international art movement of Dadaism and exposes the nonsense that its followers used to face the world. How can an art movement that was negation itself and opposing all artistic trends in the years between the wars of the 20th century be transferred into the 21st century? I play the piano and raise questions that unmask the absurdity of life, develope a dialogue with the 72 elements of my “Lemonism” universe…”

Notice: The theatre version of LEMONISM x DADAISM has premiered on 1 August in the Odeon Theatre >> Here to click

Akemi Takeya. Lemonism x Dadaism. Photo by Lena Novotny.

Akemi Takeya. Lemonism x Dadaism. Photo by Christian Messner.

Akemi Takeya. Lemonism x Dadaism. Photo by Emilia Milewska. Leopold Museum 2017






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