Ghosts x Performance (2019)

2019 Ghosts x Performance

Of Monsters, revenging spirits, and vampire cats. Re-narrated ghost and horror stories from Japan, with a performance by Akemi Takeya @MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

UKIYOENOW Tradition and Experiment

©MAK – Museum of Applied Arts

25.10.2019 / 19:00 – Short Cut (15 min.) during the opening of the exhibition “Kuniyoshi + and Ukiyoenow” @MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

26.10.2019 / 16:00 – 7 Ghost Stories (50 min.) as part of the MAK DAY 2019 @MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

In the Edo period (1603 to 1868) there was in Japan the most popular game “Hundred Stories”. They invited guests and told each other horror stories. This pastime was particularly popular in the hot summer, because the goose bumps rose through the horror and became pleasantly cool. The stories are mostly about love, jealousy and murder, and about someone not coming to rest after death and returning as a spirit of revenge. It is quite possible that at the end of the evenng one or the other spirit has come…

1. Botan Doro, the peony lantern
2. Diplomacy
3. The Kabuki spirit of Koda Koheiji
4. Necomusume
5. Yurei-Daki: The waterfall of the mind
6. Baku. The dream eater