Lemon Synthesizer Project (2010/15)

2010. Lemon Synthesizer (L.S.) Project

Akemi Takeya - Lemon Synthesizer (2009). All rights reserved. Akemi Takeya - Lemon Synthesizer (2009). All rights reserved. Akemi Takeya - Lemon Synthesizer (2009). All rights reserved. Akemi Takeya - Lemon Synthesizer (2009). All rights reserved.

This project has various kinds of realization-forms such as L.S. performance | L.S. music | L.S. movie | L.S. lecture | L.S. writing | L.S. installation – demonstration – exhibition. Each has linked to the others, which is parallel to develop.

L.S. (Lemon Synthesizer) Project has started by the discovery of audio-network using lemon – a citrus-based interface. At the same time the lemon is set as a symbolic metaphor of Takeya’s European life, naturally occurring voltages in lemons are used as signal controllers for an audio synthesizer to manipulate audio processing – the contents of a lemon are never stagnant and are constantly changing and self-renewing. With this bio-machine, Takeya sets a unique approach to art, science and invention.

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L.S. Performance_untitled#1 #2 #3

LS Performance - 004

LS Performance - 009

LS Performance - 079

LS Performance - 124

LS Performance - 170

LS Performance - 276

The LS performance is forced on ” body ” as a material of ” the I” including 71 items of her self , which is rearranged, reorganized based on ” Dialogue” – answer & question” with different perspective. She plays the I-artist! She creates the performance piece in the assumption that she could be the I-artist. Each part is developed interactively, which makes a great footage to transform herself throughout 3 scenes of untitled #1–#3 :
Untitled #1 – 71 items transmission | absence | implementation
Untitled #2 – 71 selves transaction | appearance | exposition
Untitled #3 – 71 identification | transfiguration | Multi-layerization | integration.

Interventions will be created in places where science and privacy overlap. Aided by pornographic ideas, the performer reflects on feminist perspectives and examines the body as the material of ” I ” including 71 items of her self. Associatively this work is a kind of poetry by Takeya, as the I-artist who is writing a creative diary about a vision of the future, the re-identification of the self between Western and Eastern cultures, between private and official, between original and copy. And in this work especially she observes tragedy and comedy from two perspectives – the public and the artist’s one. She draw her conclusions by a female performer in the solo of surviving on her career. ➔ Read More Click Here

71 items:abstract object. homeless ant. lovely exhibitionist. antique computer. half-naked spirit. your fun. self-educator. positive object. wild woman. handicapped soldier. bodily body. gliding soul. mumbling poet. tropical vagina. drowning fish. phantom tail. water pencil. bubble in bubble. dahlia lana. nameless dog. wind cat. selfish daughter. his cruel sister. negative object. black bonsai. silver tongue. orange onion. yellow sky. metaphor toast. squared pumpkin. mother kicker. model X8. spiralling shipwreck. colourless flower. quick watch. white elephant. shrieking rabbit. silent object. dried fly. theoretical octopus. conceptual pig. random vacuum. jet pin. violet radio. iron neuron. inanimate object. revolving speaker. air-conditioned lover. aggressive buddhist. biting doll. twisted pipe. gnashing crocodile. pop beans. triangle maze. electric clover. happy monkey. E-flood. acrobatic mummy. extravagant vagrant. sweet rock. hybrid identity. authentic sponge. 5 year old child. defective professor. sour moon. bitter soap. animate object. classical I-artist. magical junky. sense collector. academic cow. Oct 1–4, 2009



Concept, Text, Choreography, Performance: Akemi Takeya
Scenery concept & stage: Hannes Wurm
Sound & Composition: Noid
Live video processing: Oliver Stotz
lighting design: Bartek Kubiak
Audio technical Development: Akemi Takeya, Noid, Gordon Monahan
Visual Concept & dramaturgy assistant: Naoto Iina
Video-object: Jan Machacek
Movement coaching: Claudia Mader
Production’s assistant: Kanako Sako
Production’s management: Das Schaufenster
Production:IMEKA 2010
Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA7), Bu:mkk


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