L.S. performance (Lemonizum) #1#2#3


LS Performance - 042

I keep progressing the LS performance, especially Untitled #1 that is renamed to ” Lemonisum” A.T. Nov.2014

LS Performance - 026

Associatively the work is a kind of poetry by me, as the I-artist who is writing a creative diary about a vision of the future, re-identification of the self between the Western and Eastern cultures.

LS Performance - 004

In this work I observe tragedy and comedy from two perspectives – the public one, and the artist’s one. I draw my conclusions by observing myself as a female performer.

Tragedy is my main concern. One of the main characters is a double of mine – a doll with a lemon-head that is connected to the sound system. The story’s progress is marked by stop-motion animation using the lemon-head doll (therefore the name “L.S. movie”). Another main character of the performance piece is the lemon-helmet (wo)man, a counterpart of the lemon-head doll.

Both objects, the lemon-head doll as well as the lemon-helmet (wo)man, suggest a super-artificial world, where overlapping and association with our own reality would provoke our imagination. I analyze the relations between character and action, speech, plot and story in the performance.

LS Performance - 009

I think up examples of good plots based on “dialogue – answer & question” with different conversation partners, and I examine the reactions these scenes awaken in the audience.

LS Performance - 079

Many of my “rules” of switching the acting between myself and the doll, as well as the inter-play between the doll and the audience, are constructed in relation to and mixed up with the visual effects and technical possibilities through live processing of the camera image. Apart from the live image, there is also an animation movie which will be similarly processed.

” With LS performance_untitled, such portrayal work, especially significant due to his incorporation of text in body art. I am influenced by the intellectual orientation of conceptual arts. The performance is based on her poetic explorations of the interrelationships between language, image, identity, and the body. I am doing re-form, re-arrange, re-coordinate all my knowledge. and if my statement is missing to persuade it, i must find another solution – someone can write my though, because i loose original sense in bad translation. It is a sort of words-in-progress. I want to determine the vocabulary that defines the senses my body has discovered through dance. Especially with my solo, FEELER I had the impression that my body was filled with words, thoughts.

The Absolute I? I composed the I that was constructed by the order of my nature. The time has come to affirm what I am and what completes my absolute I. I must finalize it! Something is coming up through my throat. That is the words, but what and when is the point of picking them up and where is the place to throw them out? Ask the lemon!

It is a ceremony of survival for a spiritual and academic cow that feels “ impossible”, drinking soy milk with lemon juice. It will be infinitely private and public at the same time. She, a stranger whose life is rushing into somewhere else now, does not know where she is going to. She is homeless…..” A.T. Nov.2010