Shadow Pieces (2002)

2002. Shadow Pieces

“Focused on the theme of solitude”

Based on my interest in the strange reasons for a being in the form of a transparent or even invisible human. I explored showing the essence of this unusual being by means of “play with the shadow as the other self” and “dialogue with its shadow”, making strong use of nonsense and irony.

Artistically employing nonsense and irony, Akemi Takeya investigates the essentialness of shadows as memory, dream, fantasy, mind, emotion, madness and doppelganger. The story proceeds through a “play with the shadow as the other self” and a “dialogue with one’s own shadow”. The performer becomes witness and captor of her own shadow. Visual effects lead the spectator into Takeya’s own surrealistic world. Special guest in this production is Miguel Angel Gaspar.

Shadow piece 1: “Winter Night Fever”
playfully deals with lunatic madness.

Shadow piece 2: “Oyoyo no yo”
slef-ironically X-rays the complexity of a character between artist and charlady.

Shadow piece 3: “X8”
makes the borders between real and irreal world become transparent through the figure of the “shadow catcher”.

Shadow piece 4: “Toyosaburo’s Fragment”
This is about a crazy figure, a strange creature whose name was Toyosaburo. A human being, my great-uncle who didn’t manage to become God! This character is played by M.A. Gaspar.

Shadow piece 5: “DaDaDone” (Duo)
A man and a woman in the common standard state of each one’s isolation. Each person in endless time in the same room. Just breathing, but then … Played by A. Takeya and M.A. Gaspar.

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Artistic director, concept,
choreography, performance: Akemi Takeya
Artistic consultant: Miguel Angel Gaspar
Visual design: Krisha
Music : Arnold Haberl
Dramaturgical assistant: Claudia Mader
Dramaturgical research: Nicole Haitzinger
Costume: Ewa Kaja, Anja Lerch
Production management: Bettina Kogler
Production: IMEKA
Duration: 60 min
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Premiere: 2002, dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna (Austria)


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