So what (2006)

2006. So what!

“Her stories are partially generated live, exhibited, and reworked & recycled”

Presented as a Self-Portrait in trial and error originating from my creative chaos, and reflecting emotion, memories, thoughts, desires, past and expected future life, a “wished for” mirror of our present messed-up world, maintained for myself & others. I asked myself what possibilities were left open for me.

„This work touches many questions about ‚the self’ and the cycle of life. The answers will be symbolic and will show a specific metaphorical way throughout the inner and outer conflicts that might be a sort of ‚telling lies’. Doubts will remain.” A.T.

The performance shows an equally concrete and abstract monologue/dialogue between different “I’s” and the corresponding or objecting “self”. Caleidoscopically, the performance plays with the artist-“I’s” expected/hoped for future, at the same time saying “good-bye!” to the past “self” – a final reckoning with those fragments of the “self” which do not (cannot) join on the upcoming, aimed-at path. Like the questions, the answers eventually will and can only remain fragmentary, scraps of moments – unsorted single chapters of an “unwritten” autobiography. Some “self”, some “I” can be shown, some does not want to be shown. Some will simply be forgotten.

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Concept, Text & Performance: Akemi Takeya (J/A)
Music: Marc Weiser / Rechenzentrum (D)
Video : Lillevan / Rechenzentrum (D)
Concept and Dramaturgie: Armin Anders (A)
Artistic supervisor: Frans Poelstra (N)
Movement coaching: Claudia Mader (D)
Light Design: Markus Schwarz (A)
Production assistant & PR: Armin Anders (A), Judith Fink (A) / PR, Yoshie Maruoka (J/A)
Produktion: Imeka 2006
Sponsored by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Duration: 55 min
Premiere: August, Impulstanz 2006



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