TRANSIENT SHIFTS – Beyond the Now in Breaking Out of the Body Simply to Let Us Fly Away (working title)

The new work by Akemi Takeya is a performative dance-theatre-music piece with visual interventions based on a surrealistic science fiction fantasy in which Takeya presents “A rare Journey between the Planet Ayviss and our Earth”. In this performance, the desire to achieve (seemingly) impossible abilities is expressed on many levels. In keeping with the theme of flying, one of the oldest yearnings in human history, it reflects the urge to always be free and unrestricted, to expand one’s own horizons and to immerse oneself in the fantastic and unknown.

As a dramaturgical structure, the performance asserts “Training Camp” in which an instructor attempts to teach the participants individual elements of out-of-body traveling, non-verbal and telepathic forms of communication and flying itself in several sessions. Each of these sessions has a different focus – in terms of content, physical, vocal, atmospheric – and is orientated towards the essential characteristics of training as an almost ritualistic sequence of exercises, repetition, failure and development.

The piece combines Takeya’s methods of voice manipulation and modulation with complex ritualistic choreographic sequences. The peculiar humor of her work also plays a central role in this piece.

More info and registration Work in progress – Residency & Workshop / Showing

Artistic Direction, Text, Object, Photography & Choreography
Akemi Takeya

Hannes Wurm

Video & Photography

Sound & Light
Sebastian Bauer

Sarah Berger, Flóra Boros, Brigitta Josefa Brunmair, Manuela Deac, Gertraud Gerst, Desislava Gudjunova, Johanna Hoffmann, Josef Ka, Sandra Kraler, Olesya Martynyuk, Anna Mégier, Laura Mierka, Lenka Recek, Sita Treytl

PR & Organisation
Vladimir und Estragon

IMEKA 2024

Special thanks to: ImPulsTanz Festival, Seestadt Studios, Rennweg Studios, das Schaufenster, partner in crime

Supported by Wien Kultur, BMKOES and Bezirkskultur Donaustadt