(anti)*Clockwise (2013)

2013. (anti)*Clockwise

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“ New Performance Piece by Akemi Takeya with  Nikoletta Korkos, Veronika Zott “

The Viennese choreographer from Japan, Akemi Takeya, has expanded her successful solo piece “Feeler” into a female ménage à trois. Now she is joined by Nikoletta Korkos and Veronika Zott. They perform together with Takeya in a cleverly devised choreography of stillness and movement, of doubts and decisions: doing so to the brink of self-dissolution, which expands the arbitrary boundaries of their own perception and that of others while keeping continuously moving and rotating. Contradictory processes and states culminate in a decisive turn…➔ premire@ ImPulsTanz 2013

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Concept, Direction & Text: Akemi Takeya
Choreography & Performance: Akemi Takeya, Nikoletta Korkos, Veronika Zott
Conceptual Integration: Armin Anders
Light: Martin Schwab
Photography & Graphic: David Wiltschek, Oriol Motto
Management: Thomas Licek
Production: IMEKA 2013
Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA7), Bu:mkk


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