ce_l (2005)

2005. ce_l

“She is very close, yet apart, isolated in ‘her’ space, very ‘en’closed indeed”

The space is caged by rays of light, an imaginary architectural construction. They separate or unite audience and performer like invisible walls. The contrast of darkness & brightness defines the notion of “inside and outside” as well as “appearance and absence”. A continuous work since 2005.

Akemi Takeya is the initiator of numerous multicultural and trans-disciplinary projects, plays with scurrilities. Like a fragile and simultaneously powerful extraterrestrial. The voice is transferred in real-time into a multiphonic choir, the figure gives way to an image bathed in light. Electronic processing translates and amplifies aspects of Takeya’s “behavior”. She plays with surrealities. Like a both frail and mighty extraterrestrial, she appears in a thick and turbulent space. Imaginary walls created by beams of light and the moving, breathing and speaking body activate a transformable meta-body.



Idea, concept, live body & voice performance: Akemi Takeya
Concept, dramaturgy, audiovisual environment, processing and control software & live treatments: Ulf Langheinrich → Download biography
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Duration: 30min
Work in progress:2005, “North/South LAB” Tanz Quartier Wien / Tesla Berlin 2007


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