Red Point (2008-11)

Red Point (2008-09)

“Consisting of 3 parts: s.e.e.d. / s.h.o.o.t / b.l.o.o.m. – an autobiographic work in acting, talking & singing”: The red point is a metaphor of “life” in constant transformation through visuals and sound. An up-to-date form of an artistic self-portrait which uses different kinds of interpretation: onomatopoesis in the movement of the body and multiple vocal progression.

Takeya’s “stories” are at the core of all sounds, images and texts: as Japanese, a stranger in the Western world, as a private person and performer – inwardly as well as outwardly – always in individual-circling motion, in the conflict of cultural encounters. In search of “meaning” and “truth”. Probably! Perhaps! If possible! Who knows? Always with open eyes, awake and looking forward. A solo version of this piece is the work in progress for 2009!! Coming soon!

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Concept, direction, choreography, composition, lyrics,performance:
Akemi Takeya
Visual design & live visuals: Tanja Tomic (Strukt), Iris Wieder (Strukt, assistant)
Production: IMEKA
Duration: 60min
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts & Culture

The premier of red point with guest(s) was presented on the 10th of October 2008, that was a co-production with Kontraste 2008 and a co-operation with the Viennese band Metalycée and with Strukt for screening; moreover, Keiko Higuchi took part as special Japanese guest musician – The “guest(s)” took up the material with their rhythmical dynamics and artistic forms, and processed it into musical and visual metaphors, thereby creating an atmospheric context.

Music: Metalycée – Armin Steiner (moog), Bernhard Breuer (drums),
Matija Schellander (bass), Nik Hummer (trautonium)
Special Guest: Keiko Higuchi (voice & piano)



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