Suspended (2009)

2009. Suspended: performance series for 5 perfomers in a triangle construction

“Performance Lab – Performance / Exhibition / Installation”:

“ What movement can be imposed that is limited, ruled, or handicapped in order to invent an individual way of communication in the physical and social space?  How can we keep balance in ourselves, and in other-selves? “

I set up this piece in a triangle construction, as an individual kind of communication focusing on the issue “ We delay – movement cannot catch up with our thinking”, and investigated various aspects of human behaviour, action, dance, and movement with “ a performative event in a laboratory “. In suspended & connected to others & other objects by means of a string in space, which is based on my thinking – to read the relation to the body without any words.

Suspended #190509 is the first presentation as a performance series in a collaboration with a sound & visual artist and a cooperative creation with 5 performers – either selected performers or with a small ensemble – realized in the form of a “performance – exhibition – installation’ – comprising solos, duos, and groups.

During the process of the performance, prepared-spontaneities based on ” cause & effect” are displayed with variations in different energetic conditions, with objects, sequences of events, and actions that plot against the complexity, which are sketched by me – as communication design. Some are shown; some are implied; some are hidden.

The structure itself changes in dynamic transformation by the performers. In a triangulation of relationships, both physical and mental phenomena can happen unexpectedly within people as a sort of puzzled theme – the things are focused to not rely on our sense of sight, but also to address our sixth sense – “feeler”.

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Concept, artistic direction, choreography, text: Akemi Takeya
Performance: Amadeus Berauer, Caitlyn Carradine, Doris Jauschowetz, Benjamin, Schoppmann, Brugitte Wilfing u.a.
Sound Installation: Gordon Monahan
Sound Design: Gordon Monahan, Noid
Video: Thomas Wagensommerer
Triangel Construction: Akemi Takeya, Andreas Himsl (realisation)
Production coordination: Barbara Langl
Production: IMEKA 2009
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Co-produced by: MAKnite
Duration: 60min
Premiere: MAK NITE – May 19, 2009.



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