Weathering Prt1 (2004)

2004. Weathering Part 1

Body exhibition + audiovisual environment: presentation of 6 parts during the afternoon :
weathering has two distinct forms of presentation:

One form is the Body Exhibition with its focus on investigating the body as a kinetic object which expresses outward as well as inward energy, based on Takeya’s observations as an inspector.

Performance + audiovisual environment / one-hour performance of choreographed and componsed material :

The second form of presentation is a Performance which was developed in close co-operation between Akemi Takeya and Ulf Langheinrich, and which deals with the flow of time, an excerpt of Takeya’s performative work during the body exhibition. In this performance, Takeya‘s movements and Langheinrich‘s audiovisual environment from the beginning to the end follow a strategy which creates a state of timelessness.

Statement – Akemi Takeya
Body exhibition + performance

“My work as a performer consists of an artistic form of documentation, in which elementary human movements, like ‘standing, walking, lying, sitting’ are the themes. The skin, being the surface of the body, and the underlying flesh are subject to continuous physical changes. This I call ‘body weathering’. These physical changes have nothing to do with the process of aging; I rather take them in a lyrical–surrealist sense. It is an artistic methodology of potential forms of expression of the body, which I’m convinced lead to an expansion of the mind with regard to imagination.”

Statement – Ulf Langheinrich
Audiovisual environment

“The electronic space initially stands by itself. It is not regarded as an audiovisual commentary of the body performance. In spite of this, both body performance and the electronic space are presented together as one piece and consequently perceived as such. I consider the ambivalence of concurrency and togetherness a meaningful approach concerning the aspects of segregation, fragmentation and futility which I’m interested in connected with this work. However, the electronic space is not constructed as fragmented but even hermetically closed. Ideally, this approach heightens the ambivalence. Action does not influence anything, but time passes; inching forward with a few meters of focus, what becomes apparent is not an immediately useful realisation but a state of things.”

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Idea & concept, choreography,performance, dramaturgy: Akemi Takeya
Concept, audiovisual environment, dramaturgic supervisor: Ulf Langheinrich
Additional Compositing: Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner, Tanja Tomic
Production: IMEKA
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Co-produced by: MAKnite
Premiere: MAK NITE – November 9, 2004



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