Weathering Prt2 (2005)

2005. Weathering Part 2

“A compelling study of elementary human movement: standing, walking, lying down, sitting”

With those elements, I made a minimally composed abstract work, where I intended to lead “the body as a kinetic object” and “the visuals of co-existence = harmony and alienation = disharmony”, in which the electronic space retains its independence, not commenting on the body’s performance.

In a one-hour performance, Akemi Takeya inquires into the body memory using carefully arranged yet elementary motion sequences: going, standing, sitting and lying. She traces metamorphoses and weathering processes of the body, as well as the driving force of the imaginary. Starting point for the performance were content and materials extracted and further developed from the seven-hour exhibition format „weathering exhibition act“ (MAK 2004). Ulf Langheinrich‘s audiovisual environment is no commentary on Akemi Takeya‘s performance but rather an autonomous part of the evening. Image / sound and performance happen as simultaneous but completely independent tracks.

Weathering – Tesla Berlin, kubus 2007

Akemi Takeya’s movement and vocalization send direct impulses which stimulate and modulate various aspects and elements of the audio-visual environments composed by Ulf Langheinrich.

From beginning to end, Takeya’s movements and Langheinrich’s kindred audio-visual environment pursue a strategy which creates a condition of timelessness. weathering focuses on elementary human movement: standing, walking, lying down, sitting. The body as kinetic object. The inner energy flows through an imagined form, and is translated into movement, creating a figure. The electronic space retains its independency, not commenting on the body’s performance. An illustration of the ambivalence of nearness and togetherness.

“Action accomplishes nothing. Time is running out.”

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Idea & concept, choreography, performance: Akemi Takeya
Concept, music, audiovisual environment: Ulf Langheinrich → Download biography
Software and processing: Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner
Dramaturgy assistant: Armin Anders
Light: Reto Schubiger
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Duration: 50min
Premiere: October 2005, Tanz Quartier Wien



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