ZZ (2003)

2003. ZZ

“Structured in a geometric cycle of past / present / future with fifteen motifs”_

The piece is developed in silence, dealed with the silent, which transformed the barely audible into space, sound and body in an interplay, transmitting the sound of my breathing,
the smallest constant of silence. For me, this was a memorable turning point in establishing a new “self”.

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Artistic director, choreography, concept, dramaturgy, voice and body performance: Akemi Takeya
Artistic Supervisor in the framework of a carte blanche at Tanzquartier Wien: Ong Keng Sen
Musical concept: Akemi Takeya
Light design: Jan Wagner
Sound: Arnold Haberl
Sound projection: Bernhard Gál
Dramaturgy: Armin Anders
Costum: Anja Lerch & A. Takeya
Production manager: Bettina Kogler
Production: IMEKA 2003
Supported by: The City of Vienna, Cultural Bureau, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts & Culture
Duration: 55 min
Premiere: Dec 2003, dietheater Wien, Impulstanz 2004, Odeon Vienna / Spain Tour, 2007 / Mexico Tour, 2008


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