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New creation
TRANSIENT SHIFTS – Beyond the Now in Breaking Out of the Body Simply to Let Us Fly Away (working title)

∅ Concert performances by Akemi Takeya & Sebastian Bauer, KERN & QUEHENBERGER, BULBUL
15.02.2024 / 20:30 – Volkstheater-Rote Bar ImPulsTanz Winter Special: The Music Edition


∅ ZZre*mixed – A Body/Voice/Concert Performance
02.12.2023 – Ajka/Hungary

∅ The Act of LemoDada
21. & 23.07.2023 / 19:00 ImPulsTanz Festival

∅ Let’s Fly (with Evandro Pedroni)
15. & 16.07.2023 / 11:00-17:00 – UZS Schmelz
@ImPulsTanz Festival.


∅ Schrei X8 – Akemi Takeya with Evandro Pedroni (guest performer) & Didi Kern (drums)
20. & 22.07.2022 ImPulsTanz Festival

Scene Excerpts or click on photo

In ‘Schrei X8´, Takeya asks herself the questions “What remains in her Body & Brain?” and “What does her voice manifest?” In other words, this work attempts to combine her brain and body, and to bring up the example of utopian consciousness of her art. It is a collage of her own artistry, a synthesis of the fragments of her journey until now as a performer, which is like a milestone, a confirmation of her experimentation to date.



∅ Klangwolke – Choreographic work
11.09.2021 / Opening Event of Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
Klangwolke 2021

∅ Happy Birthday Mr Beuys – Performance
04./06./10.08.2021 – Libelle / MQ Wien
ImPulsTanz Performance 2021 – Presented by Plastic Party Vienna


∅ LEMONISM x ACTIONISM – Performance
02.11.2020 / 19:30 – Antistatic Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria

∅ Schrei X8 – Concert Performance
26.07.2020 / 18:00 – Kaiserwiese im Prater

(c) Maximilian Pramatarov

Akemi Takeya, together with the musicians Peter Kutin, Moritz Nahold, Lukas Koenig and the guest performer Frans Poelstra develops a concert performance, which plays with the magic of language and noise: meditative and expressive, spiritual and analytical, in search of the power inherent in every word, every sound.

∅ Schrei X8 – The Vocalic Body – Workshop
19.07.2020 / 16:00 – Zirkuswiese in Alterlaa
06. & 10.08.2020 / 18:30 – Arkadenhof im Wiener Rathaus
13.08.2020 / 15:30 – Kaiserwiese im Prater

(c) Michael Loizenbauer

What to do when you feel like you want to scream? Through awakening one’s own nature and using Akemis breathing technique, participants will gain the perceptive skills that make you scream. Emotions stored inside or maladaptative emotions in society should be released. This workshop suggests an effective act that causes catharsis, while building up awareness of the interrelationship between the voice and the body, leading to the creation of own compositions of vocalic screams. Now it’s time to give you a sensational opportunity, as balsam for the soul.
Part of ImPuls Tanz Public Moves 2020.

∅ 20 DADA – Group Exhibition
10.–18.07. & 08.–29.08.2020 – Aa Collections, Reindorfgasse 9 & HOLLEREI, Hollergasse 9, 1150 Wien
Opening 10.07.2020 / 17:00–22:00 / Wed–Sat 16:00–19:00

Here, Takeya features one of the installation series, with which she confronts various movements of the history of art with her very own ‘-ism’: LEMONISM. Paraphrasing and deconstructing the various -isms, she playfully transfers them into her own cosmos. She started by Actionism, followed by Minimalism, Symbolism, Japonism, Cubism and Dadaism. With her LEMONSIM she focuses on the body as material of “the I” including 72 items (lemons). It is a trial of finding a new perspective to present the body, which aims to reconstruct the way of the definition of the body. The lemon becomes a metaphor and a vessel for transforming each of the 72 items, a means of imprinting or personifying nature itself.

∅ LEMONISM – Installation

(Re-)Opening on 19.05.2020
LEMONSIM is a frame work of the Innsbruck International Festival 2020: Human Capital.
Due to Covid-19 the Biennial closed down on March 15th, 2020 and has cancelled any further events.

#Watch2min.Virtual Tour

Exhibition (Re)Opening on 19.05.2020 / LEMONISM Im Vektor, Burg Hasegg 6, Hall in Tirol
until 29.07.2020 / Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00 – Exhibition LEMONISM Im Vektor, Burg Hasegg 6, Hall in Tirol

∅ LEMONISM – Performance & Installation

14.03.2020 / 19:00 – Performance LEMONISMxACTIONISM Salzlager Hall, Saline 18, Hall in Tirol
14.03.2020 / 20:00 CANCELLED! (RE)-OPENING 19.05.2020- Exhibition Opening LEMONISM Im Vektor, Burg Hasegg 6, Hall in Tirol
17.03.-05.04.2020 Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00 – Exhibition LEMONISM Im Vektor, Burg Hasegg 6, Hall in Tirol

∅ Dear Mother / Liebe Mutter – Concert Performance
20.02.2020 / 21:30 WUK Performing Arts



∅ Voice Act – Untitled
06.-20.12.2019 @Homesick Festival

Ghosts x Performance
25.10.2019 / 19:00 – Ghosts x Performance, Short Cut (15 min.) during the opening of the exhibition “Kuniyoshi + and Ukiyoenow”
26.10.2019 / 16:00 – Ghosts x Performance, 7 Ghost Stories (50 min.)
@MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

ZZremix 2019
25./27.07.2019 @Odeon

ZZremix is the reconstruction of Akemi Takeya’s successful solo performance “ZZ”, which premiered at the “dietheater Wien” in 2003. The new performance version of this resumption (remix) was presented in cooperation with ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.



Tapped/Untapped 2018
01./03.08.2018 @ mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien ➤ Download Flyer

This is to be seen and heard: bedazzlement is guaranteed when performance artist and musician Akemi Takeya once again draws on her passion for both precisely composed as well as wildly imaginative scores, thereby creating new images of body and sound – a kaleidoscopic range of expressions.

Tapped/Untapped is a re(mix) of the history of western and eastern art and sounds. Akemi Takeya does “tap” the Shamisen (a traditional Japanese instrument), play the piano and sing a song as a voice & body act. It will be revealing to see what new and potentially provoking contextures of body and sound emerge.

This performance was presented by ImPulsTanz X mumok: In tandem with the main summer exhibition Double Lives – Visual Artists Making Music, ImPulsTanz presents in cooperation with the mumok live first-rate and experimental works from the fields of dance and music in its many facets.



LEMONISM x ACTIONISM – Theater Version

“The body is the last frontier of art. Twenty men at the limits of human experience: fifteen still alive, five eventually dead. The connection between Akemi Takeya’s action and Géricault’s “The Rafts of the Medusa” lies in their extreme physicality.” – Akemi Takeya, performing artist, picks twenty actions and dedicated them to the shipwrecked in Géricault’s painting.” by Jürgen Bauer

Takeya’s video installation is not only presented in the Wellington-Hippodroom, her work series LEMONISM is also featured in Ostend’s public space.
Afterwards she will show the premiere of the live performance at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post related to her installation.

LEMONISM x ACTIONISM Theater Version (Performance)
Premiere 11.04.2018 @ Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post in Ostend, Belgium
The premiere of the theater version within the framework of the project, “The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”

21.10.2017–15.04.2018 @ the Wellington-Hippodroom in Ostend, Belgium.
Participation of the exhibition in a frame work of the project,“The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”

*Curated by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos, commissioned by Mu.ZEE in Ostend, Belgium





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