2024. Transient Shifts: Beyond the Now in Breaking Out of the Body simply to let Us Fly Away (working title)
The new work by Akemi Takeya is a performative dance-theatre-music piece with visual interventions based on a surrealistic science fiction fantasy in which Takeya presents “A rare Journey between the Planet Ayviss and our Earth”. In this performance, the desire to achieve (seemingly) impossible abilities is expressed on many levels. In keeping with the theme of flying, one of the oldest yearnings in human history, it reflects the urge to always be free and unrestricted, to expand one’s own horizons and to immerse oneself in the fantastic and unknown.

2023. The Act of LemoDada
Brightly shining above Akemi Takeya’s artistic world is the lemon. Under the title Lemonism, the artist has developed a series of works in this light since 2015. Here, with her new solo performed in Adam Pendleton’s exhibition Blackness, White, and Light, she transfers the Dadaism of the 1910s and 1920s as anti-bourgeois anti-war counterart into the 21st century: “The Act of LemoDada is an encounter with questions of today, a search of utopia and a dispute between body and lemon, original and copy, tragedy and comedy, nonsense and sense. But who wins the absurd battle “Lemo(n) vs. Dada” is secondary: There’s nothing to lose anyway!” (Takeya)

2022. Schrei X8
A performative ritual, “Schrei X8” is inspired by artists such as Diamanda Galás, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, Nina Simone and Laurie Anderson. Accompanied by dancer Evandro Pedroni and drummer Didi Kern, Akemi Takeya challenges ‘noise’ music and language to create a multimedia collage of her artistic potential. @ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival
2019. Ghosts x Performance
Of monsters, revenging spirits, and vampire cats. Re-narrated ghost and horror stories from Japan, with a performance by Akemi Takeya as part of the MAK DAY 2019 @MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna.

2019. ZZremix
ZZremix is the reconstruction of Akemi Takeya’s successful solo performance “ZZ” which premiered at the “dietheater Wien” in 2003. The new performance version of this resumption (remix) was realized in cooperation with ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

2018. Tapped/Untapped
“Dance, Music & The Art of Choreography – A re(mix) of the history of western and eastern art and sounds”
Takeya once again draws on her passion for both precisely composed as well as wildly imaginative scores, thereby creating new images of body and sound – a kaleidoscopic range of expressions. She does “tap” the Shamisen (a traditional Japanese instrument), play the piano and sing a song as a voice & body act.



2015–today. LEMONISM – Museum & theater version
“A rhizomatic performance series with performance & installation”

2015. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Signs Of Solidarity – Group version, performed by 4 performers
“Interpretation of Performance Recipe Book – Group Version”

2014. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Survival Of Solo – Solo version, performed by Akemi Takeya
“Interpretaion of Performance Recipe Book – Solo version”

2014. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Performance Recipe Book Book On Sale!
“Publication for Solo version and Group version”

2013. (anti)*Clockwise – Performed by Akemi Takeya with 2 female performers
“Expansion of Takeya’s succesful solo work, Feeler into a female ménage à trois”

2011. Feeler – Video Installation in collaboration with Road Izumiyama
“Filmed in Miyagi, Japan 2011”

2010. L.S. Project – L.S. Performance / L.S. Movie / L.S. Installation / L.S.Music
“A unique approach with development of the Lemon Synthesizer sound”

2009. Suspended
– Performed by 5 perfomers in a triangle construction
“Performance Lab – Performance / Exhibition / Installation”

2008/09. Red Point – Consisting of 3 parts: s.e.e.d. / s.h.o.o.t / b.l.o.o.m.
“A metaphor of ‘life’ in constant transformation through visuals and sound”

2007/08. 31shots – Collaboration with Anna MacRae and a male guest performer
“The play does not expound but it runs off – and on”

2006. Feeler – Solo performance with the feedback sound
“The canon of movements refers to ‘insectoid’ and ‘technoid’ association chains”


2006. So what! – One woman show with rechenzentrum (sound & video)
“Takeya’s stories are partially generated live, exhibited, and reworked & recycled”

2005. Ce_l – Voice & Performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“She is very close, yet apart, isolated in ‘her’ space, very ‘en’closed indeed”

2005. Weathering Part 2 – Performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“A compelling study of elementary human movement: standing, walking, lying down, sitting”

2004. Weathering Part 1 – 7 hours body exhibition & performance with Ulf Langheinrich
“Performance in 6 parts with an audiovisual environment”

2003. ZZ – Collaboration with Ong Ken Seng (artistic supervisor)
“Structured in a geometric cycle of past, present and future with fifteen motifs”

2002/03. AJ Project – the Austria X Japan Dance & Performance Exchange Programme
“Realization in Yokohama (2002), Vienna, Budapest and Prague (2003)”

2002. Shadow Pieces – Short pieces, solo & duo with Miguel Angel Gasper
Winter Night Fever / Oyoyo No Yo / X8 / Toyosaburo’s Fragment / DaDaDone (Duo)
“Focused on the theme of solitude”

2002. Double space – Collaboration with Noid (cello & electronic)
“Structured in 2 sessions – 1. Metamo.Breath and 2. Ringing Body”

2001/02. Multiple space – Collaboration with sound artists Christian Fennesz and Testuo Furudate
“In the course of five acts, both components, voice and body overlap and interweave”

2001. Black Honey Drops – Dance solo with Ko Murobushi (artistic supervisor)
“Performance prompted by a deep-reaching Eros”

2000. Yuragi – Dance & music performance in a form of jam session
“Swinging between the style in collaboration with three musicians”

1999. Drowning Fish – Dance solo with Austrian Dance Production Prize 1999
“A metaphorical work, a diary of thoughts and incidents”

1998. Bodypoems_REFLECTION – 7 short stories
Semidream / How To Cure A Runny Nose / Clock / Bessie’s Neidung / Modern Ball Dance / Autumn Sales Assistant / Moon Moss Blossom
“In an unusual mixture of Asian and Western styles”

1997. Imeka – The first solo dance project in Europa
“Objective self-observation in tracking myself through a labyrinth of different characters”

1994-96. Modell5 – Project by Granular Synthesis & performance by Akemi Takeya
“4channel video and 8channel audio composition, displayed on four portrait-format screen, with a quadro-audio set up”


1992. holly holly hollyluia – Dance-video in a collaboration with Anita Kaya, produced by Oya Production
A duet, that is not able to exist on stage: Two performers act within a fixed camera position, but never together – except in the end. Their relationship and communication is fiction / dream / imagination and a result of the montage. Directed by Anita Kaya, in artistic research on the subject: the body as a storage medium for memories. a sudden memory triggered by an object, a sewing machine, the “sound” of the sewing machine. The soundtrack of the sewing machine determines the basic rhythm of the choreography, the music and the editing.